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Here at Pathology—we study diseases. We want to know all about viruses, bacteria, cells and parasites. And we love to share our discoveries.

Outreach and public engagement are an important part of the work we do as a research community.

We aim to provide an opportunity for researchers and the public to explore and discuss issues of interest and concern.

We want to encourage young people to pursue higher education and consider a research-based career.

To support our goals we have a busy schedule of online and in-person events

Events coming soon include:

  • Big Biology Day - Saturday 14 October 2023
  • International Pathology Day - Wednesday 1 November 2023
  • Pathology Lecture at the Cambridge Festival Tuesday 22 March 2024
  • Cambridge Festival Family Weekend 23-24 March 2024
  • Pathology Masterclasses September 2024

Cambridge Festival Family Weekend March 2023

This year's theme for our Family weekend was Changing Pathogens in a Changing World. We opened up our laboratories and our research groups had fantastic fun. Activities included: How to Build a virus, Pesky Parasites, Hector the Vector, Germ Hide and Seek, Virus Ruolette and How to Vaccines Work?

With over 7000 in-person interactions 90 per cent said they would come again.

‘’Amazing Day - Thank you! My kids and I had a great day. Everything was really well organized and the facilitators pitched their interactions just right (top marks for knowledge transfer!)”
Satisfied Parent

Our family fun day was rated 4.7 stars out of 5

Play online and learn today

The Infection Game

Can you contain the rapidly spreading virus using the might of your immune system?!

Virus Fighter

Build a virus or fight a pandemic!

Researchers get involved

There are plenty of funds and resources with the Department of Pathology and the School of Biological Sciences to support your outreach goals.

The Communications and Outreach Committee are here to help you organise your outreach events and initiatives. Please get in touch with the committee here.