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Here at Pathology—we study diseases. We want to know all about viruses, bacteria, cells and parasites. And we love to share our discoveries.

Outreach and public engagement are an important part of the work we do as a research community.

We aim to provide an opportunity for researchers and the public to explore and discuss issues of interest and concern.

We want to encourage young people to pursue higher education and consider a research-based career.

Family Fun Day at Pathology

This year, over 600 people attended our Family Fun Day as part of the Cambridge Festival 2024

  • We opened our teaching labs to families, and our researchers had many fun experiments and games.
  • We opened our Path Cafe to all - complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits and chatted with our scientists.
  • We had a school art exhibition.
  • We also had story time for the little ones.
Join us in March 2025 for our next Family Day

Our family fun day was rated 4.7 stars out of 5

Image of childrens feedback board covered in smiley faces and text.

Story Time: Maya's Marvellous Medicine

Follow Maya as she learns all about vaccines - the most marvellous medicines. Maya learns how the immune system works and how vaccines help the immune system to be strong. Whether it is the immune system or a running race, the lesson is clear - practice makes perfect!

Big Biology Day 2023

Hills Road College

This year's Big Biology Day was a blast! The attendees built their own viruses, assembled 3D-printed virus models, and learned about careers in STEM. It was a wonderful and inspiring day.

Organisers: Valeria Lulla Lab from the Division of Virology

Volunteer virologists: Samantha Nguyen, Ingrida Olendraite, Andrew Chan

Join us Saturday 12 October 2024 at the next Big Biology Day
  • Play Viral Tricks with Lego
  • Find out How vaccines work
  • Play virus roulette
  • Build a virus
  • Play online and learn today

    The Infection Game

    Can you contain the rapidly spreading virus using the might of your immune system?!

    Virus Fighter

    Build a virus or fight a pandemic!

    Public Lectures

    Every year, as part of our outreach, we organise evening talks and workshops. This year we hosted the following discussions:

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    Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

    Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

    Vaccines into the Future

    Professors Clare Bryant (Veterinary Science), Brian Ferguson (Pathology), Drs Cruz (Moderna UK) and Jha (NIHR) discussed how vaccines work and what they will look like in the future.

    The Path to Pandemic Preparedness

    Researcher Dr Charlotte Hammer shared her journey as a disease detective in academia and public health emergency response.

    Poetry and Parasites

    Professor Catherine Merrick organised a special immersive workshop into the world of poetry and parasitology.

    Researchers get involved

    There are plenty of funds and resources with the Department of Pathology and the School of Biological Sciences to support your outreach goals.

    The Communications and Outreach Committee are here to help you organise your outreach events and initiatives. Please get in touch with the committee here.